Tymann, Davis & Duffy

Art Direction • Graphic Design • Website Design

Tymann, Davis and Duffy is a Boston litigation boutique having decades of collective experience handling high-profile cases at some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Boston and nationally. TDD approached me to help them build their new brand identity and wanted this to reflect the "edge" they provide their sophisticated clientele. TDD prides themselves on being trusted, connected, and effective attorneys representing individuals, and businesses, of all sizes in a broad array of disputes.

The typography chosen "Financier Display Bold" is an elegant authoritative serif, which has a balance of both traditional and modern. The edges of the font stay strong - and with the name of the firm within the logo - evokes sophistication, professionalism and establishment. The edge/angle that is seen within the logo, and the edge on the lower right hand side, signifies to enhance or gain the leverage needed to move a complex problem in a direction of advantage. The three points of that edge are the core messaging of their tagline: 
trusted. connected. effective.
Copywriter: Sarah Bichsel

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