Art Direction • Graphic Design • Motion Graphics

Advisor360° is a proven, time-tested and award winning platform designed by advisors for advisors. The intuitive tool powers wealth management in one platform and unifies all the systems you need to run your business, giving you more time to build long-lasting, impactful relationships while growing your business.

A360° – Kiosk Purpose: Develop a chassis that can travel, allowing for easy set-up, and take-down for two people. This kiosk showcases it's game-changing platform, while highlighting its benefits through animations within a built in screen. Making this kiosk an interactive experience to promote and educate Advisor360° capabilities.
Our team wanted to create an internal hype around the release of Advisor360°. We created this video in-house with a tight turnaround, limited budget and resources. This was also right in the middle of COVID so we had to be extra cautious in the way that we approached this. The concept of the video was a light hearted, funny and unpolished look to reflect the work from home scenario. The outcome was a great success and the video was highly acknowledged.
Design exploration of animations
Art Directors: Samantha Paris Estes, Jason Weeks and Laura Faccone
Industrial Design: Ryan White
Copwriter: Jesse Gehling
Voice Over: Michael Sharpe 

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