APT Website

Art Direction • Graphic Design • Web Design

I directed and designed the refresh of the APT website. I worked closely with our developers, and web team, to create a more user friendly experience on an extremely content heavy website. The design is responsive and the navigation is shaped around the content. The large billboards, which animate to showcase our top programs, are splashed on every page. The hamburger menu was implemented for ease of navigation and simplicity.

One challenge we faced was that the previous website was designed for desktop first. Without having the time or budget to design the site with a flexible grid, I worked with our developers to utilize our existing wireframe to rebuild the desktop and mobile simultaneously. 

The design was made very clean with a balanced simplicity that lead to a completely fresh aesthetic. We worked heavily on the UI and UX design to ensure we incorporated the three most important aspects of website design: Interface design, aesthetic design and information design.

The website received an American Web Design Award from GDUSA and will be highlighted in the 2018 June issue. 

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