Custom Painting

Art Direction • Fine Art • Painting

Commissioned piece for a client's office - mixed media on canvas, 36 x 48
"I knew I wanted my new office space to not feel like a typical office. This gave me the chance to really imagine a space that would feel comfortable and provide an environment I would enjoy walking into each day. Furniture and tech were the easy parts for me but there was a huge blank wall I wanted to hang art on to really bring the space together. I started working with Samantha Paris Estes in 2020. We scheduled a call to talk about my style, how my office was set up, and how I envisioned the space to look. Samantha went to work and ended up creating a piece of art for my office that blew away my expectations. It also felt amazing knowing that this wasn’t a reprint or duplicate that you might see in another space. This was MINE. I owned this piece of art that I will have forever. Not one day has gone by where I don’t look at it in amazement when I walk into my office. It was truly one of the best decisions I made while creating my dream office space. I would highly recommend working with Samantha as you envision a space that is important to you." - Steve J.

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